Furniture Design Award 2010
Past Year Brochures
FDA 2009
This year, all participants in the Students, Young Designers and Open categories were given free rein over their furniture creations, unlike previous years where a specific theme was set for the Students and Young Designers categories.
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FDA 2008
The theme for FDA 2008 -“TENSION” - encourages participants in the Students and Young Designers categories to explore the element of tension in their design concepts, challenge their creativity to the hilt yet allow them tremendous free play in the process. Entries in the Open Category are not confined to the theme.
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Theme: GREEN
FDA 2007
The theme GREEN encourages the participants from the Students & Young Designers Categories to think green not just as a color but to achieve furniture design breakthroughs that are both exceptional and unique. As for Open Category, the entries are not confined to the theme.
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Theme: FLY
FDA 2006
Come fly with us. Be free to venture beyond all boundaries into the great unknown. Only with such freedom comes great designs and philosophies…

Let your creativity take flight with us.
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Theme: New Asia
FDA 2004 & 2005

Creating furniture of daring, new-age and ethnic inspiration A new era has dawned on Asia. A combination of ethnic inspirations and daring new-age creations, New Asia is a seamless fusion of old-world beauty and modern cosmopolitan charm with a touch of pizzazz. New Asia is an exotic yet modern, energetic yet subdued, intriguing yet simple and with iridescent yet muted combination of colours. Let the blend of new and traditional spirited charms of New Asia arouse your senses and inspire your designs at the Furniture Design Award 2004.

2004 brochure:
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2005 brochure:
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