Platform Testimonials
"PLATFORM has proven to be a vital showcase for young design start-ups since its exciting launch in 2007. With PLATFORM, designers not only enjoy the privilege of maximum exposure offered at the IFFS/AFS, it also provides them the opportunity to venture abroad through the forming of partnerships with internationally-renowned brands and leading manufacturers."

Michael Young, Director of Michael Young Ltd, UK

"PLATFORM is a great initiative to nurture young design talents in Singapore as it acts as a stepping stone for them to showcase their creative ideas on the international stage. PLATFORM is a not-to-be missed avenue for these young designers to grow their brands and businessess globally."

Voon Wong, Founder of voonwong&bensonsaw, UK

"As a first-timer, it was indeed a great experience! PLATFORM offered unparalleled opportunities for young designers like us, giving DIS the maximum exposure in terms of profiling and brand awareness, both in the local and international markets. Todate, we are still busy with numerous follow-ups. With such overwhelming response, DIS would definitely love to be part of PLATFORM again next year!"

Ansley Ng, Ci Ci Chen, How Sim, Marcus Chiang and Puah Kim Sing, Designed In Singapore Pte Ltd, Singapore
"PLATFORM 2008 was my first ‘solo show’ upon graduation and it was indeed a rewarding experience. I did not expect a design’s to be selected for the ‘Best Product Award’ from among the outstanding participants.  This has definitely value-added to my brand and has raised my confidence to a higher level. Through the award, I  was given the opportunity to be featured in several magazine interviews which would further elevate my designs and brand name to the masses."

Abbie Lim,  a design’s, Singapore